Ritch's Brew has won more AMA Contests than any other Model Airplane Fuel. It has powered winners in CL,FF and RC events and has won more National Championships in CL, CL RACING and RC RACING events than any other fuel. That's why we can say that we have the WINNERS CHOICE. The reason we can say this is because we have the TROPHIES to prove it.

Ritch's Brew is without doubt one of the highest quality fuels manufactured in the U.S. today. We have been blending fuel for over 30 years commercially. At the beginning of 1988 we built a new and modern fuel blending and raw materials storage facility, complete with stainless steel tanks, lines and valves. Precision pumps were incorporated along with efficient 5 micron filtration equipment. Truly a state of the art blending facility that assures you, our customer, of clean high quality fuel that is built to specification.

We have storage for 6000 gallons of methanol, protected by a silica gel dryer to insure against water contamination. We use only 100% nitromethane, degummed castor oil and one of the very best synthetic oils that money can buy. Each raw material is tested before the blending process begins. The fuel is blended under the cleanest of conditions. Raw materials are stored under a pressurized blanket of nitrogen gas to prevent water absorption. Fuel components are filtered through a 5 micron filter at three stages in the mixing process. The finished fuel blend is then filtered one last time to give you, our customer, the cleanest, finest fuel in the industry today.

Our quality control program does not stop when the fuel is sold. We keep a sample of each batch and test it ourselves to make sure you will have the finest fuel that you can use month after month, gallon after gallon, run after run. From the blending vat to the finished Ritch's Brew in D.O.T. stress resistant bottles, Quality Control means a Quality product. That's why we offer our customers a 100% money back guarantee on all Ritch's Brew. If our fuel does not perform to your complete satisfaction, just return the unused portion and a full refund will be given. That is how strongly we believe in the quality of our products.

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