So Many Different Fuels, So Many LOW Prices!

The table below shows Ritch's FULL list of quality fuels that are available. If you don't find one that suits you perfectly, we will mix and blend to your complete satisfaction. Our super low prices can be obtained by simply emailing us here, or calling (713) 661-5458!

And Remember, DEALERS and INDIVIDUALS are always welcome!

Don't be mislead by price alone. All model fuels are not the same. Some cut-rate mail
order fuel outlets are selling 10% fuel which realy contains only 8% nitromethane or less.
They skimp on the costly nitro by formulating their fuel on a weight basis. Ritch's is
formulated by percent of volume method using the highest quality ingredients. Our alcohol
is 99.5% pure. Our nitromethane is 100% pure. Our oil is the best money can buy. We put it
all together under strict lab conditions with special rust inhibitors and detergent additives
for a fuel that can't be matched.

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